unintentionally abandoned

A moment of carelessness,
and I found myself without
my favorite sweater
left behind in a Houston airport, me
30,000 feet above midamerica
helpless to retrieve her.

At first I was cavalier about it,
even giddy with the thought
of finally replacing the well-worn softness
with something new–
an exciting prospect
at first.

Then the sweater
took up a whole new dimension in my thoughts:
this plain mainstay
of my everyday existence
began to take on a life of her own.

I saw her lying, crumpled
in the corner airport chair
next to the window,
forlornly waiting
for familiar hands to grasp
for familiar arms to slip through 
lonely, hollow folds

I felt sadness settle
and the cold, canned air of the plane,
neither of which I could stave off
without my loyal knitted companion. 



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