What Nirvana meant to me

yes, anyone who cares about nirvana knows the significance of this date. 20 years. jesus. i’ve read a lot of articles today…a lot of careless minutiae. including this blowhard: http://www.randomhouse.ca/hazlitt/feature/so-youve-decided-write-kurt-cobain-memorial-essay it’s easy to be too hip to care and to dismiss people’s emotions to the art. good on you mate. you are a cut above feeling um, maybe anything at all. But i do see the point in people expounding on the loss of an icon, of disregarding the personal tragedy, the family tragedy in the context of “where were you when you heard he died.” that’s not my business, not my concern. but what i am doing on this day is letting the music wash over me again. Again. A reminder that someone got it for a second and that we were there to hear it. Love him or hate him, he made a goddamn difference.

What did Nirvana mean to me? It meant solidarity. It meant uniting with people who know there is another way other than complete conformity. Even in my adult life I know there are people who can question the 2.2 child lifestyle of mom and dad and buddy and sis. and i know that i am not alone. and the music matters. love him or hate him. he made a difference. 

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