When Being Stuck Is Good


In a quiet cove of Nolin Lake, mid-October morning swells gently all around. The heady smell of autumn only just beginning as leaves contemplate their burgeoning brilliance and final descension. Clouds gather in smoky layers and the early sunlight appears dusky, secretive.

A perfectly ordinary and sublime slice of the present unfolds during this larger weekend honoring the passage of time–a milestone. 15 years of marriage. 17 years of friendship. 1 wild decade of pure abandonment. 2 lovely, loved children. Endless wonder, delight, and, yes, sometimes dismay at what goes into and comes out of our marriage. Give, take, drop, lift. The bond shifts, reshapes–but holds strong, beautifully binds us.

“I am stuck between the past and the future. … The present moment passes quickly; before you know it, it’s in the past while another present takes it’s place, as light and narrow and fleeting as the preceding one.” –Michael Quoist

ps. ironically the big lake trip happened 2 weeks ago. i guess my present moment is reliving a moment. sometimes it’s good to be stuck in the past…for a moment. ha!

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