5 Haikus: Day 5

Spider trapped under
glass–transparent walls must be
the most heartbreaking.

I drank all the wine!
So sorry to be absent
while among you all.

The earth is messy
perfection; pulls my focus
in. constant wonder!

I slip, fall, and stand
over and over again
each bruise, a lesson.

See his face soften,
then glow with the shared brilliance
of unspoken words.

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1 Response to 5 Haikus: Day 5

  1. Douglas Rife says:

    I absolutely love the line, “transparent walls must be the most heartbreaking.” I have to beleive that is true not only for spiders but for all of us. I think we have all tried to reach out to someone and a wall was there we couldn’t see or understand. Beautiful line.

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