5 Haikus: Day 4

Cats and garbage trucks–
my two trusty alarm clocks–
could not beat cool sheets.

I feel good today,
a part of this lovely world,
all senses open.

He wishes me peace.
As frightened as we both are,
we focus on peace.

I stray from my path,
so easily distracted
by false fulfillment.

Still, the sweet fresh air
and pleasant coolness of night
give tirelessly.

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2 Responses to 5 Haikus: Day 4

  1. Joe says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I am still enjoying your blog. I saw last fall that you gave a shout out to Sydney and me. Very kind of you. I thought that I had your e-mail address at one time, but I don’t now, and I wanted to share with you the address of the blog that I started (applescale.wordpress.com). You have inspired me in many ways, my dear cousin. Life has been frustrating for me lately, and it is all because I am caught up in self. I am continually conscious of the road to no-self thanks to you. Love ya!

  2. krocksauce says:

    Aw, Joe! You are so very sweet. We just returned from vacation and are in the middle of moving so life is crazy. I would so much like to reconnect with you! I’m looking forward to following your “thinking out loud” 🙂 Also, I thought I saw a letter with a North Dakota address in our pile of mail when we returned from vacay. Did you happen to write me? It disappeared into one of the moving boxes before I could open it but I’ll keep looking for it. Love ya, cousin!!

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