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5 Haikus: Day 6

oneFirst night in Bostonfeel the transcendental humof brave, gentle ghosts. twoDivine is found in all of us, Emerson said.Why not be joyful? threeMid-1800movement of progressive mindsspeaking fierce passion. fourA wedding todayin Boston Public Gardenssun-kissed satin bows fiveCity hums belowmy solitary … Continue reading

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5 Haikus: Day 5

oneSpider trapped underglass–transparent walls must bethe most heartbreaking. twoI drank all the wine!So sorry to be absentwhile among you all. threeThe earth is messyperfection; pulls my focus in. constant wonder! fourI slip, fall, and standover and over againeach bruise, a … Continue reading

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5 Haikus: Day 4

one Cats and garbage trucks– my two trusty alarm clocks– could not beat cool sheets. two I feel good today, a part of this lovely world, all senses open. three He wishes me peace. As frightened as we both are, … Continue reading

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5 Haikus: Day 3

one Divine showed herself at dawn: meow of hungry cat urging me to wake. two Coffee steams in mug, a blank page in front of me. These are two fine things. three Frogs engaged in song. Who knows what pleasures … Continue reading

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Good things in Fargo My cousin, Joe, and his daughter, Sydney, are spreading their unassuming, genuine awesomeness in the great state of North Dakota. Right on! Read on.

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