100 Days, 500 Haikus: Day 1

Well, this is all random now! I wrote this post before my last one but it never made it out of draft stage…which (kind of?) explains why some people saw this post and others did not. So, for those of you who read this already, my apologies. I’m back on track. Also, it gave me a few more days to indulge in ridiculous(ly enjoyable) behavior. Here’s the post, take 2.

I’m looking to bust through some bad habits. So, I’ve set a challenge for myself. Instead of spending time and energy on unhealthy behavior (I’m looking at you American Spirit cigarettes!) I’m going to pull it back in and direct that energy toward writing. One practice will be writing 5 haikus a day. To motivate myself, and for accountability, I plan to post them here. For those who read this blog and hate haiku, come visit me after 100 days. But I do hope to pepper this practice with longer, juicier explorations of the written word.

The tone of the haiku will vary–joyful, confessional, sorrowful, ridiculous–just like the varied prayers we create and then release Imageto four directions, earth, and sky. And now, gentle readers, the first 5.

Today I will stop
Poisoning this strong body
That serves me so well


Today I will bend
To be close to my children.
I will show them love.


May intentional
living define my being,
moment by moment


Dawn in the forest.
Relish stillness and chill air
then, birdsong erupts


Great Spirit within
now is the time to awake.
There is much to do

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One Response to 100 Days, 500 Haikus: Day 1

  1. Julie Gallant says:


    I find myself inspired again today by your spirit, ambition, courage, your craft of language, and your ability to make the mundane magical.

    Looking forward to more haiku’s, Julie

    Sent from my iPad

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