Mechanics and miracles

My spiritual temperature always rises on days I have to fly. It comes from the surreal limbo you endure/enjoy trapped in airports in between destinations. It comes from being graced with such a fantastic vantage point 30,000 feet above tumbling wilderness and carefully constructed civilization. It comes from being surrounded by strangers—all of us united and at the mercy of the mechanics and miracle of flight.

As I gaze down at the peaks and whorls of cloud bank topography, I have the luxury of time and silence to ruminate. And I’m reading a couple of books worth chewing on. One is A Chosen Faith by Forrest Church and John Buehrens. An introduction to Unitarian Universalism, the book takes you through the spiritual sources of this liberal religion.

So I just finished that book. The book I’m into now is Science and the Search for God which very much deals with the matter of mechanics and miracles.

More to come.

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One Response to Mechanics and miracles

  1. Joe says:

    Still following you, Cousin. Love you! Merry Christmas!

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