In the Woods

A couple weeks ago my dad sent me this great link. Perfect timing–just days before Cassidy and I headed into the woods for our own encounter with nature.

Image Last Christmas Cass wrapped a topography map of the Tecumseh Trail in South Central Indiana for my present. That was the seed planted for our first through-hike in about 10 years. In the months between then and now, I bounced between anticipating the adventure and dreading the preparation.

Anticipation won out. It turns out backpacking is something you never forget how to do.We, being infamous procrastinators, didn’t even seriously start checking our gear and refreshing ourselves on our skills until about 2 weeks before (I don’t recommend this by the way). I checked out a pile of books from the library to make sure I was up on basic navigation, minimal packing, what food to bring, and things like that. Cass got our gear in order while I was at work, we packed and food shopped and bought last minute necessities the day before we left, trying to give our 2 girls plenty of love before they headed off to grandma and grandpa’s for the week.

It was a spiritual exercise in maintaining patience and calm even before the trip began. But the trip itself tested our endurance and delivered amazing rewards. I kept a journal and the next few blog entries will be those writings from the woods. 

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the source of Murmuration–the link I shared at the beginning of this blog. Please visit This site is pure joy created by two women–Sophie and Liberty–who clearly live authentic lives, create great art to share, and inspire others to do the same. This is from their About Us page: “They find inspiration from bike rides, being by water, making things and meeting people.” Happiness and fulfillment can be just that simple! Beautiful.

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