Celebrate each knot

“What we describe as ‘our life’ is not the sum total of what has passed through our hands but what has passed through our minds.”–Stephen Levine, A Year to Live

Fingering the knots

It can be a struggle, this being alive.

At the end of the day

in darkened houses,

in the morning or mid-day

in sunlit/shadowed houses

we find time to sink into solitude

fingering the knots,

the string of moments that

shape our days:

Some strange, some serene, some

riddled with emotion.


Do we trace the threads with weary hands

Or grip them, white-knuckled with regret?


Do we let the precious strands slip

Carelessly to the floor, becoming

lost in blank reverie?


Or do we simply hold this collection of tiny, curious, textured knots,

—our experiences—

do we hold them close and celebrate

this being alive


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