Why Pick Fights?

Someone once asked Henry David Thoreau if he had made his peace with God, to which he responded, “I did not know we had ever quarreled.”

This great quote was shared by Rev. Andy Burnette, the Unitarian Universalist minister from Danville, IN, who visited our UU Bloomington this weekend. It set the stage for a really insightful sermon on what it means to be spiritually progressive in today’s world. Part of that means not giving up hope for what can be done on this Earth and merely wait for a “better place” in heaven. There is much to be done here. Every day. There is violation of human rights right here in America and around the globe; genocide; hundreds of children dying from hunger every hour. There is greed, corruption, and mass consumption. A good fight waits for those who have plenty of heart and hope. There is work to be done here before we move on to wherever it is the spirit moves. If we always seek to fight for love and justice, how could God argue with that?

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