Bipolar musical tendancies? Could be a sign of spiritual uncertainty.

I am a Hardcore Techno junkie. Give me a high bpm mixed with provocative samples, and an occasional haunting, symphonic melody thrown in for good measure and I am instantly elevated. Here, take a listen.

On the other hand, if you were to scan my playlist you would also find sanskrit-chanting vocalists like Deva Premal or Snatam Kaur blissing out against a background of flutes and bongos.

Although, I’m not unique in enjoying vastly different musical styles, I do wonder sometimes at what it means that I listen to such dark, driving sounds that can border on menacing one day, and on another, tap some calm inner yogini with New Age tunes.

Since this blog is all about exploring the different facets of spiritualism, and seeking a path through the spiritual noise that so often drowns out Truth, I thought I would start it off with a musical metaphor. I am a conflicted person. How can you not be when the search is so confusing and mysterious? Who is right? What is that ever-elusive Truth anyway? As those deep thinkers out there are aware, the more you care to discover, the less you know you know.

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